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The Swedish Chef
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Bork Bork Bork! 1.8

Firefox ® and Thunderbird ™ extension to translate web pages or junk mail into something as spoken by the Swedish Chef of the Muppets. It can also be used to filter undesirable URLs.

View > Bork Text
Found in the View and context menus to toggle translation on/off. When enable all windows, tabs, frames, iframes, and messages will be translated. Junk mail is automatically "borked". Toggling the junk mail icon on/off will bork/unbork a message.
Tools > The Chef's Kitchen
The options and filter list used to allow or block URLs for web pages, images, Flash, applets, scripts, frames, and iframes. For web pages or email from particular senders, choose Bork Text to translate instead of block. The pattern is a JavaScript regular expression.
Bork Tags
Can be turned on for images, iframes, and Flash content. Click on the tag to add the content's URL as a new pattern. Also right-clicking over an image or background image can be used to add a new pattern.
Bork Sender
Right-click on the sender's email address to add a new pattern.
Bork Copy
Right-click on selected text to copy borked text to the clipboard.